Steven Morreale, M.D. - Geriatric & Family Practice Specialist & Emory School of Medicine Graduate

"As soon as I saw Kevin O'Mahony's name I was filled with positive emotions about the type of professional that he is. Imagine it being a month before you complete your Fellowship and you are busily wrapping up a sundry of details, preparing to move to another city, and all sorts of stressors related to transitions in life. Then you receive a formal letter from the State Board of Medical Examiners. What is this? A complaint? What do I do? Am I a terrible physician? Am I going to be sued? What do I do next? It is one of those things in medicine that is far too commonplace, and actually inevitable. This is how I was introduced to Kevin. I had contacted professional services and within I think an hour, on the same evening, a kind, compassionate and understanding voice of a professional, a stranger, heaven forbid ... a lawyer, was calling me. It was Kevin. He explained to me what was going on, that this is not unusual. I had, in the following short period of time, one of the most important lessons taught to me in my professional career. It all worked out. I didn't do anything wrong. We were able to fully explain the situation to the board and for the person who filed a complaint to prompt the formal inquiry.  If you want someone who is prompt, has high integrity, is patient, and who provides great results with a personable yet expert fund of knowledge, ask for Kevin O'Mahony.  Top Qualities:  Great Results, Personable, Expert."